Saturday, August 06, 2011
Poetry Exercise #7 "Sold My Soul"

Sold My Soul

By: Deep Shadows

Somehow we all went from 7 digits away to a million miles apart.
The world is lonely and I can't see the sky anymore.
Its cold here, where hands no longer reach for mine and all I can taste is my own blood on my lips.
Stars cry for me as I wander lost beneath them, along the broken cobblestone that was painted gold.
Stillness, no friendly wind to carry voices or even the haunting sound of my own voice.
Silence without, chaos within, every choice worn out with the dissection.
How are we so far, when we were once so very close?
How did I get here, with my back turned on those I loved most?
The world mocks, with laughter and unfamiliar faces.
That which I knew, I cannot find.
Something that was once so beautiful, now only tastes of dust.
I thought I was doing what was best, what I must.
I cut the life line, and now I dangle helpless as you climb on and I’ve no one to blame but me.
You'll never turn back, the scars alone will not let you and I am too proud to call your name out.
So I'll linger in the shadows of the broken tower we once called home, and wish that it hadn't come to this.
Having you on the other side of those seven digits wasn't something I thought I would ever miss.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011
Introductions - Reni

Footsteps like drumbeats, blending back and forth with the drum in my chest. It was blood, rushing though, pushing past my ears, surrendering the world’s noises and bringing my internal into focus. The cold rush of air to the lungs, like each breath was my first breath ever, painful and beautiful all at once. There was no future, there was no past, there was only this moment, this breath, this heartbeat. The world outside that moment was nothing and would never be anything. I was a blur among the trees, the life of that moment. Egocentric and conceited, I knew that I was the only thing that existed in that moment, I was the only woman in the universe, I was the universe. With blood pulsing through my veins as air expanded in my lungs, feet slamming into the concrete and throwing me forward through a time and place that nullified all other existence. There was joy there, a lightness of soul that I knew only I achieved. This was heaven, and I was its only resident. But muscles began to speak of life, of pain, of the impact of each footfall and heaven faded slowly, the light being replaced by the grey fog. Slowing down to a light jog, I was damp with sweat and my lungs rejoiced in lighter breaths. My body was used to this pushing, but that did not mean it did not protest. My ears still pounded, but slowly, the sounds that my inner drum blocked out returned. The sounds of the park surfaced, interjected with the sounds of a car leaving some sleepy side street to begin it’s morning commute to the city. The grey morning fog was slowly being dispersed by the rising sun, and I knew it was time to head in the direction of my own sleepy dwelling. Crunching through dew crisped grass, I jogged to the street. I was still in warm down and it I just stopped to walk my poor body would whine all day. Jogging across the street, I took up the sidewalk, slowing my pace. By the time I reached the next crosswalk I was walking at a pace much more appreciated by my legs. Turning on to the cul-de-sac in which my duplex rested, it took in the quiet dawn. Houses were either in the state of waking up or still deeply in sleep. This was when I loved where I lived the most, yes the commute to anything was hellacious, but in the morning, it was like still being in a small town, without the rush of the city to throw you out of bed. You could ease awake, become aware of the world and its beauty and then venture into the wilds of the city. My dust blue house came into view and I walked up the sidewalk, still enjoying the morning. 

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Monday, July 18, 2011
Poetry Exercise #6

Cliff diver

By: Deep Shadows


A breeze in my hair

One that carries the sea up to me

Standing on the wrong side of the rails

It blows past me

Nothing but blue depths below

The safety is broken

Nothing left to save me

Here, at the precipice

I always thought you'd be the one

To tell me not to jump

But blind hearts

Tell themselves lies

And the ghost

She asks if I've ever jumped before

Oh she doesn't know

This is becoming a familiar scene

And it is becoming harder

Harder to drink in my misery

Guitar plays softly on the breeze

It's a song only I can hear

Haunting me

Like the ache I can't fake



I've done it a million times for you

Leaps of faith you'd never even see

I jumped in after you

Would you jump in after me

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Some inspiration

Love Is Not Enough
Nine Inch Nails

The more that we take
The paler we get
I can't remember what it is
We try to forget
The tile on the floor
So cold it can sting
In your eyes is a place
Worth remembering
For you to go and take this
And smash it apart
I've gone all this fucking way
To wind up back at, back at the start...

HEY! The closer we think we are
Well, it only got us so far
Now you got anything left to show?
No, no, I didn't think so...
HEY! The sooner we realize
We cover ourselves with lies
But underneath we're not so tough
And love is not enough

Well, it hides in the dark,
Like a withering vein,
We didn't give it a mouth
So it cannot complain
We never really had a chance
We never really make it through
And now to think I believed
I believed I could get better with you

HEY! The closer we think we are
Well, it never got us so far
Now you got anything left to show?
No, no, no, no, I didn't think so...
HEY! The sooner we realize
We cover ourselves with lies
But underneath we're not so tough
Oh, and love is not enough
Love is not enough, hey...

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Sunday, July 17, 2011
Song #1 'Kill Me With Kisses'

Kill me with kisses

By: Deep Shadows


I welcome my nightly demise

Wait for it with eager eyes

It's just a simple thing to you

To me it is my reckoning, my doom

Oh if you only knew


Come in the night

Where eyes cannot see

Embrace me with half a heart

And kill me with a cold kiss


It's them I long for

Them I seek

Come kill me

With kisses of

Sweet misery


So long, so long,

We've been at this game of make-believe

I've forgotten its pretend

My life of lies hard to perceive

What you remember is a mystery

But I'm still in the palm of your hand


Come in the night

Where eyes cannot see

Embrace me with half a heart

Kill me with a cold kiss


It's them I long for

Them I seek

Come kill me

With kisses

Of sweet misery


All the secrets, all the lies

Those behind my lips lie

Have painted you a perfect disguise

I'm the alibi

Waiting for you every night

Waiting for the sweet goodnight

Waiting for you to kill me


It's them I long for

Them I seek

Come kill me

With kisses

Of sweet mystery


Come Kill me with kisses

Oh, Kill me with kisses

Kill me with your kisses

Of the sweetest misery

Oh, kill me with kisses

Let's keep my death a mystery




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Poetry Exercise #5


By: Deep Shadows


I've truly lost it this time

All the braces gone

I am left behind again

Alone, in silence, absolute

Everything I am ceases

Like something rabid

Out of control

I tear myself to shreds

The maddening silence

Not even shattered

By my mind scaring screams

Like a banshee possessed

I howl, claw, screech

Bang at the black walls

Closing in on me

Clamor for some kind of noise

A sign

Something to let me know

That I am not invisible

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Monday, July 11, 2011
Poetry Exercise #4

Broken Heart Parade

By: Deep Shadows


Broken hearts never sleep

We march on

Tired feet drag on

For the relief of another sunrise

The night is no safe place

For the tear cracked face

Broken hearts never sleep

We march on

Even though we are weak

Tear stained eyes wander

Looking for the light

To make everything right

There is no peace in the twilight

For those with lonely in sight

Broken Hearts never sleep

We march on

Through the streets by day

Past the graves at night

Of hearts that died along the way

That gave up the fight

We march on

The Broken Heart Parade

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Freewrite #2

Ghost & The Shell
By: Deep Shadows

If you could only see that you aren't as broken as you seem, that those cracked lines aren't defect but pieces of your beauty. You are everything that you should be, but the silence still haunts you at night. I would love to be the one, by you side, scaring away the dreams that you don't want to fight. Just to make you smile, because that is when your gold shines. Just a ghost, you'd say, pretending to be a happy memory, but you memories will stay with me, and I will hold them to my heart. I am just as broken as you, just as dead. The only difference is, you make that death so beautiful, and everyone loves your tragedy, and me, they never even noticed I was gone. But you did, you took my cold hand and lead me to the sky, because that is the only thing that to us, never seems to die. In the hours before twilight, that is the time when we can be alive, and you is the brightest thing any could find. Those cracked lines that run down your face; they are just trails for the laughter to chase.

In moonlit nights, where wine and fire run freely, is when we can finally be seen. And then the sun rises, and to your quiet grave you must rest, but, I get to live in this purgatory, because you see, they never even noticed, that what they think is me,

is just the shell.


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Sunday, July 10, 2011
Poetry Exercise #3

Personification Exercise

Look around your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom. Make a list of objects that seem to have moods or personalities. Choose five of them and create a description of each one's personality or mood. Pick one of your descriptions and build a poem around it.


Queen Bee

By: Deep Shadows


Touchy as they come

With a temperamental nature to match

But she knows she can get away with it

She is high priority

And without her, nothing would ever get done

So they had better do as she wants

Or she won't do anything

When she wants music

She shall have music

If she doesn't like what you are writing

She shall take it away

With a quick twitch

Then your work you must restart

Do not think her cruel

Many secrets, painful and deep

Have been tucked away with in

She has seen all the sides of both love and war

Can bring back history and predict the future

So her importance is warranted.

When she is blue

They rush to fix what is wrong

Just to see her display her emotions

With connections beyond your imagination

There is no communication she can't achieve

She is the queen bee

They had better remember it


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Tuesday, July 05, 2011
Fictional Diary #2

Keep a diary of a fictional character.


Words of a Ghost, page 2


Well, it's been a week or so, and I finally decided to write in this book again. Things are getting a bit, dramatic around her, but such is my life, if there wasn't drama, I'm not too sure the world would still spin. So I decided to spend my Friday night lying in my room, blaring some Zen music to calm my nerves and writing in a book that no one knows exist… exciting, I know. And in all honestly, I don't really plan to be in this book all night, I plan on taking a long bath, perhaps open the windows and let the half moon in. It's really rare for me to even be awake on a Friday night, I usually keep the hours of the cock, rise with the sun, and set with it. But everything is just, too loud for me to sleep, my head is too loud. I would wander out of doors, bask in the moonlight, but that would mean dealing with the fiasco in my living room. Nani has come to my house, and Nani, my grandmother, always comes on the front end of a foul wind. And sure enough, as soon as Nani reared her wandering Jew face in my house, it was followed shortly by a whole menagerie of family members. My parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, all flocked to my little 2 bedroom split level house, invading my silence and peace with their noise. I would kick them out, but its not worth the fight. I will let Nani handle whatever she needs to handle and then I will change my locks… again. Well, time for that bath, the yelling is overcoming the zen cd.




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